Landmark Estates achieves planning permission in Walkford, Christchurch

Ringwood-based property development firm Landmark Estates is delighted to have recently obtained full planning permission to re-develop a brownfield area of unused garden land to form two semi-detached three bedroom houses.

Managing Director, James Bradley, comments:

“Whilst this site may seem straightforward from the plans, the reality is that this was a challenging application. Various legal, topographical and planning policy constraints applied to this site but following extensive consultation with the local authority we and our consultants were able design out all of these concerns culminating in the grant of planning permission.”

The houses themselves will have three bedrooms, spacious gardens and two off-road parking spaces each.

Work will start on the site in the next six months with completion expected for the second quarter of 2016.

James continues:

“At Landmark we work hard to ensure that the best possible permission is obtained from each and every site, which generally means a greater benefit to the landowners. I would encourage any landowner who considers that their property benefits from some development potential to contact Landmark Estates on 01425 477259 and speak to one of the team.”