JDP: Why sustainable drainage systems are important

Millions of homes and businesses are at risk from localised flooding, driven by climate change, increased rainfall and increased urban development.

The challenge for planners and contractors demands a completely integrated approach from design to installation.

For house builders and developers making sense of the myriad of planning guidance combined with the stalling of clear legislation has further complicated the process of achieving consistent levels of best practice.

Planning Practice Guidance issued by the DCLG in support of the National Planning Policy Framework answers the question on why sustainable drainage systems are important as follows:

Sustainable drainage systems are designed to control surface water run off close to where it falls and mimic natural drainage as closely as possible.

They provide opportunities to:

  • reduce the causes and impacts of flooding
  • remove pollutants from urban run-off at source
  • combine water management with green space with benefits for amenity, recreation and wildlife

Water management specialist JDP’s technical department uses cutting edge technology, accurate rainfall data, topography reports and advice for projects involving surface water management to ensure operational efficiency, effectiveness, legislative compliance and manage increased volumes of surface water.

The latest extension to the portfolio, RAINBOX® Attenuation Solutions is an essential partner in seeking to minimise the risk to localised flooding and provide best practice SuDS.