Joseph Ash Galvanizing: duplex coatings experts

Joseph Ash Galvanizing is a UK leader of steel finishing services including galvanizing, spin galvanizing, shot blasting, powder coating and duplex coatings services.

When it comes to corrosion protection, the company provides the highest standards of quality available and serves all types of customers from large construction companies and fabricators, to local authorities and architects.

One of the most effective ways to protect steel and enhance its aesthetic appeal, is by treating it with a duplex coating: a synergy of hot dip galvanizing and powder coating suitable for all types of steel architectural projects.

Used independently, a galvanized coating and a powder coat provides a good level of protection for steel. However, as steel begins to age, the galvanized zinc coating erodes, making the steel more susceptible to weather damage. If, however, the steel has also been painted or powder coated, the synergistic effect acts as an extra barrier, which slows down the zinc erosion rate and provides a far superior level of protection to extend the life of steel.

The additional benefits of a duplex coating are: durability; ease of repainting; economical; sustainable; environmentally friendly; and guaranteed for up to 40 years (dependent on the type of powder used).

Duplex coating services are provided by the company’s Joseph Ash Medway plant, who provide a wide variety of durable finishes from metallic to textured, in a huge range of bright colours with varying matt, satin and gloss levels.

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