Joints in resin bound paving?

While resin bound paving is the best choice for a smooth, visually pleasing and totally seamless finish, if the installation is over a large area, or there is an unexpected change in the weather, this is not always possible.

In these situations, a joint is used within the surface; either a simple butt joint (day joint) or a neat architectural feature of metal edging (decorative joint).

A day joint
Usually created with a timber baton, a day joint provides a neat temporary edge to lay the resin bound paving up to at the end of installation. It is removed the following day and fresh material then laid up against it to continue the installation. The use of a day joint can be planned or unplanned.

Care should be taken to ensure the depth of the day joint is consistent and its placement natural, for example following the edge of a building.

A decorative joint
A decorative joint is usually aluminium or stainless steel and can be either a single edging strip forming an inconspicuous narrow line in the surface or a wider type strip consisting of parallel edging strips separated by an integral coloured filler strip.

This can be made to colour match, disguising it against the surface, or contrasted with the colour of the resin bound gravel being laid.

Decorative joints are often chosen in preference to a day joint because they can be specified at an early stage in the planning, ensuring the most aesthetically pleasing result. They are also a practical solution to demarcation, creating boundary lines or defining areas.

Another joint used in the installation of resin bound paving is a movement joint cover.

These are used over existing mechanical joints in the base, most commonly over concrete or where movement may occur e.g. a bay joint in concrete or along a boundary between different types of base. Movement joint covers can be similar in design to the decorative joints.

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