JOI-Design releases “101 Hotel Rooms, Volume 2”

In response to the successful demand for the first edition published five years ago, 101 Hotel Rooms, Volume 2 from Hamburg-based interior design studio JOI-Design is now available with a new collection of inspired concepts for creating original lifestyle destinations.

Once again, interior architecture specialists Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk, co-authors and co-managing directors of JOI-Design, unveil imaginative concepts for stylish guestrooms – hotel couture defined by exclusivity, luxury, and sophistication. Contained within the English-language guidebook’s 232 pages are vibrant images, hand sketches, renderings, layouts and perspective drawings, all depicting bedrooms that comfort and captivate travellers. Expert perspectives honed throughout the team’s three decades of experience provide a wide-ranging overview of innovative hotel designs that have set the trends. With its international scope and discerning solutions, 101 Hotel Rooms, Volume 2 offers vital insight for developers, hoteliers, investors, interior designers, architects and students.

Vision / Creative Guideline:
Informed by an intuitive, holistic approach, the book depicts how the concept of hotel rooms is continuously reimagined in keeping with the evolution of guest lifestyles. As the speed of life continues to increase and constant mobility becomes the norm, the importance of spaces that provide a home away from home is greater than ever.

This lifestyle shift is transforming the hotel room into an essential hub that combines travel with rest, and movement with relaxation, all within one space. Guests should feel secure and comfortable inside an oasis of calm and wellness while drawing inspiration from the spirit of their surroundings. Viewed through this lens, the bedroom has become even more pivotal in a traveller’s enjoyment of a hotel. It should be a nurturing retreat where they can escape the frenetic pace of the world and enjoy moments of peace that refresh them for their next adventure.

In 101 Hotel Rooms, Volume 2, JOI-Design shares its secret for translating emotions into designs, and then designs into atmospheres, spaces that comfort the weary and speak to their souls.

101 Hotel Rooms, Volume 2 is published by Braun and can be ordered from bookstores, directly from JOI-Design, or online at Amazon.

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