JOI-Design bridges the past with the present through the fun, fresh design of the new Capri by Fraser Berlin

JOI-Design’s vision for the interiors of the new Capri by Fraser on Berlin’s Spree Island has been creatively brought to life through “layers of history”, a concept inspired by the fascinating heritage of its location at the city square, Petriplatz. Integrated with a museum and church as part of a new, one-of-a-kind destination, this fresh and modern long-stay apartment hotel encourages guests to learn about the site’s past in a fun and engaging manner.

Excavation works carried out from 2007-2009 revealed the island to be the very heart of where modern-day Berlin was first established. Structural traces suggesting how the square was used in centuries past are now celebrated through the Capri by Fraser Berlin’s interiors.


The lobby of this buzzy city-centre hub affords guests a unique opportunity to interact with the past and discover the site’s remarkable legacy. An eclectic array of vibrant furniture allows for flexible configuration atop a tempered glass floor, immersing guests in history as they peer into the archaeological dig below.

Overhead, a shimmering gold, wall-to-wall installation features hexagon-shaped mosaics and perforations that frame a black and white etching of the Spree River’s island and its ancient structures.  This striking statement piece has been designed to spark guests’ imaginations and their desire to learn more about the birthplace of Berlin. Although a shiny new world lies over the remnants of the city’s foundations, the value and richness of past civilisations can still shine through.

Layered patterns recur throughout the hotel’s interiors, including the lobby seating groups where rugs are decorated with hexagon blocks and stencilled art employs superimposed circles to inject creative energy. Timber shelves strung onto colourful ropes suggest the notion of being suspended between time and space, and multicoloured strings hung in doorways allude to the graphic depiction of timelines. Pendant lights suspended in a zigzag pattern also convey the charting of time.


The guestrooms at the Capri by Fraser Berlin have been designed to feel modern and bright yet comfortably relaxed. Elegant oak detailing and floors enhance their cosiness, while stylish yet durable modern furnishings in muted orange and pink tones bring understated warmth and a sense of wellbeing for longer-stay residents. Once again, the heritage is an important reference point, with laser-cut wall panels that reveal in orange and pink a map of ancient Petriplatz. This historical reference is also depicted in the abstract rug pattern.


Oriented towards the development’s major crossroads, the restaurant’s location will attract attention from passers-by and allow guests to feel they are in the heart of the action whilst shielded from traffic by an arcade connecting the street with the dining room. Inspired by Asian cuisine and the dipping of food into sauces, the restaurant’s motto “dip into history” also flavoured its interior design concept. This, along with references to the excavation’s “dip” underground, will be conveyed with entire restaurant appearing to have been dip-dyed in orange up to a height of circa 1.20m.

Large, three-dimensional lettering on a feature wall spells out the word “HISTORY”. Like the art, furniture and other walls, the letters are also dyed orange. Glass dividers printed with patterns suggestive of ancient maps further the references to the historical site.

Several stylistic elements extend across the entire design concept. The hexagonal form first encountered by guests in the lobby art installation appears repeatedly throughout the hotel, from the bottle display in the bar to the guestroom headboards to the three-dimensional sculptures that bring texture and shadow to the walls.

Playful accessories and a sunny palette infuse the Capri by Fraser Berlin with feelings of positivity, joy, curiosity and empowerment. Created in the spirit of fun, JOI-Design’s light-hearted concept instils guests with comfort, the freedom to feel inspired and the passion to learn.