John Brash roof to wall solution for housing trust

JB-RED® BS5534 roofing battens and JB Western Red Shingles® were used to deliver a Sustainable roof and wall solution on the Metropolitan Housing Trust’s project, the James Hayward Estate in London.

John Brash JB-RED® roofing battens, the first factory graded roofing batten to guarantee compliance with BS5534: 2003, were used on the roof and walls. All the shingles fixed to these battens were treated with fire retardant treatment to class 0, which is the highest national product performance classification, whilst the roof shingles were additionally tested to the AA rating.

The architects specified Western Red Cedar shingles because the product enabled them to design the houses in a monocoque shape, which incorporated a series of sweeping curves in the external walls. Junko Suetake, the designer on this project, from Anne Thorne architects, explains:

“John Brash Western Red Cedar Shingles were ideal for this project because they allowed us to create a monocoque design, which meant interior spaces without columns and load-bearing walls. As well as saving on high embodied energy masonry based foundations and support walls, it created a much more open and spacious building.”

Western Red Cedar Shingles complimented the monocoque design because their size and lightweight nature allowed them to follow the curves in this innovative building. The natural durability and longevity of shingles also enabled them to extend to the ground, enhancing the design purity of this unique and eye-catching shape.

Christian Brash, Chairman at John Brash, explains:

“This really is an inspirational project and we were delighted when both our JB-RED® factory graded roofing battens and Western Red Cedar shingles were chosen. As well as physical performance, both offered the sustainability levels required on this project.”

John Brash Western Red Cedar Shingles and JB-RED® roofing battens are available from merchants and stockists nationally. For more information, telephone John Brash on 01427 613 858. Alternatively, visit the website at: