Jet Cox Offers A ‘Baker’s Dozen’ Of Automatic Smoke Vents

Britain’s most famous fire – which engulfed the capital in 1666 – reportedly started in a bakers shop in Pudding Lane and resulted in the first regulations on building construction to try and prevent future catastrophes.

By coincidence the selection of “Smoke and Heat Exhaust Vent Systems” or smoke vents offered by Jet Cox Limited extends to 13 sizes all of which are fully compliant with the latest CE EN 1 2102-2 Certification. In fact the Jet Cox FireJet 165 24V/48V has been developed to provide automatic smoke extract in the event of any type of conflagration and thereby create a smoke free layer above the floor by removing both smoke particle and any potentially life threatening combustion gases.

The FireJet 165 models can be activated by a dedicated smoke alarm or a remote third party fire detection system and are fully compatible with any modern building management system.

Crucially the FireJet 165 is available with either a 24 volt or 48 volt control panel with battery back-up in case of mains power failure and there is the further option of manual override using switches close to the unit. Such capabilities are crucially important as smoke and noxious fumes are the main cause of fatalities in a fire disorientating people and asphyxiating them in minutes. Installing adequate smoke ventilation not only saves lives by facilitating the evacuation, but also makes it easier for the emergency services to gain access, to assist and tackle the fire. This has the additional benefit of reducing damage to the building fabric or property itself, both from the flames, and smoke damage, which rapidly spreads far beyond the seat of the blaze.

The size options extend from 1000mm x 1500mm up to 1500mm x 2500mm; all operated by a single, galvanized steel mechanism. They open to an angle of 165 degrees and can be specified with either clear or obscure polycarbonate glazing; while there is the further option of a solid aluminium cover.

The 24 or 48Volt motor features water resistance to IP 64 standards and will open the vent fully in under a minute. Jet Cox can provide clients with additional design support in relation to wind or snow loading and other aspects of the FireJet’s technical specifications. The majority of sizes are available ex-stock and all of them can be mounted on either 300mm splayed PVC-U upstands or splayed metal upstands measuring 300, 400 or 500mm in height.