JDP offers housebuilders solutions to eliminate localised flooding

The latest range extension of RAINBOX® Attenuation Solutions by water management specialists JDP, is an essential partner for house builders seeking to minimise the risk to localised flooding and provide best practice SuDS.

Through its technical design department JDP provides expert design, advice and support for projects involving Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) and ensures house builders and developers can maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness, comply with legislation and deliver solutions which are capable of dealing with the extreme volumes of rainfall, groundwater and surface water run off. Getting it right at the design stage can not only lead to significant savings on installation, but also prevent failure and the additional costs associated with putting it right at a later date.

The full flexibility of Rainbox creates bespoke and hybrid solutions to help protect homes, and the local environment from the effects of flooding and extreme rainfall.

Applications: Options for non-trafficked and trafficked areas

Fully Inspectable: Rainbox solutions can be engineered to be fully inspectable

Simple Installation: The lightweight nature of Rainbox allows for easy handling, quick and simple installation

Optimised Logistics: Rainbox 3S & Cube are packed flat on pallets which halves transport costs and CO2 emissions