Is your fire sprinkler pipe boxing FSC® compliant? It should be

Local authorities, housing associations and contractor partners could be contravening the UK government’s ‘Timber Procurement Policy’ (TPP) guidelines and their own procedures if the pre-formed plywood casings being used to cover sprinkler pipework are not FSC® certified.

Defra guidance on compliance with the TPP states:

Government procurers and their suppliers should have documentary evidence to show the timber supplied is at a minimum from legal and sustainable sources. This evidence should include full chain of custody from the forest source(s) to the end user.

Acceptable forest certification schemes provide this evidence of legal and/or sustainable timber. Suppliers and buyers must check evidence to verify its validity. Approved schemes include the two international certification schemes: Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

So, to avoid the risk of non-compliance, look for the FSC® Chain of Custody (COC) certificate number against each product line that is ordered and supplied. If it’s not present, then it’s probably not FSC.

  • Check your specification
  • Check your delivery note
  • Check your invoice
  • Check the Chain of Custody Certificate for the product.

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Government documents and further reading

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