Introducing the Newton Waterproofing Index

Newton Waterproofing Systems have launched the new and innovative Newton Waterproofing Index, a unique specification tool created for designers and specifiers.

This revolutionary new methodology combines the Grades of waterproofing defined by British Standard 8102:2009 with the type and quality of the structure, the type of waterproofing protection being used, and the competence of the installation in order to provide waterproofing designs with an easy to understand score for each project.

The very highest scores can qualify as Newton Protected Basements, supported by Newton’s industry-leading 10 year Newton Protected Basement Guarantee underwritten by an A-rated UK insurer.

The History of the NWI

The concept of the NWI stems from Newton’s long history of providing objective technical advice and education to specifiers regarding the suitability and level of risk involved in their waterproofing specifications.

Frequently such advice includes an explanation of BS 8102:2009, the British Standard for waterproofing, and how the definitions and classifications outlined by this document are a key consideration in the design decisions that are made during a specification.

In order to simplify this process, over two years ago Newton came up with the concept of a scoring system that combines not only an assessment of the type of structure and the specified waterproofing systems, but that also links this assessment directly to the British Standard definitions, as well as the desired environment that the specifier is looking to create.

The result is an intuitive and measurable scoring system for industry professionals.

The Scoring System

The scoring system takes its basis from the British Standard, which defines the three types of desired internal environment as Grades 1, 2 and 3.

By reflecting these Grades in the scores, the Index makes it quick and easy to visually assess a design, which can rank anywhere on the potential range of scores from 0 through to 4.0.

Once assessed by Newton, all designs are appointed with a top score and a bottom score on the scale, which creates the scoring range for that particular design. All designs are attributed with a scoring range instead of a specific score due to the fact that even within an agreed specification the effectiveness of the waterproofing depends on the competency of the installation.

For instance, with a perfect installation a design might be able to achieve a top score of 2.7 on the scale, which would therefore achieve a Grade 2 internal environment. However if the installation is of poor quality then it might score as low as a 1.0, which would only provide a Grade 1 environment.

To help with their interpretation, NWI scores will also be presented on a visual scale:

Specification Sheets

To further assist with correct specification, Newton has also created a library of Specification Sheets for many of the most common waterproofing designs.

Each Specification Sheet acts as an individual resource for one particular design, drawing together key product information and the relevant NBS Clauses and 3D drawings into one place. Furthermore, each Specification Sheet is also attributed with a scoring range on the NWI that is defined by that particular specification and the structure to which it is applied.

Newton Specification Sheets are therefore a key tool as part of the NWI and as a part of any specifier’s armoury of resources.

Newton Protected Basement

Specifications that achieve the very highest score of 4.0 on the NWI can qualify as Newton Protected Basements. The Newton Protected Basement is a comprehensive package for waterproofing new-build concrete structures, encompassing all three forms of waterproofing and professional installation by a Newton Specialist Basement Contractor.

Newton Protected Basements are the only specifications capable of achieving the NWI top score, allowing Newton to guarantee the project with a bespoke latent defects policy that:

  • 10 years LDI cover with an A rated Lloyds insurer
  • No defects liability period
  • Up to £100,000 of cover per project for consequential loss*
  • Cover for product, design and installation failures
  • In-house design assistance and on-site quality assurance
  • Independent auditing included where required, to ensure continued quality

In Summary

By applying the decades of waterproofing expertise and experience that exists within the Newton Technical Team, the NWI provides the very first scoring system through which the level of risk associated with individual waterproofing designs can be directly compared and quantified by specifiers. Furthermore, this is supported by the most comprehensive guarantee in the UK waterproofing industry, the parameters of which outstrip all other waterproofing warranties in the market.

Overall the launch of the Newton Waterproofing Index and Newton Protected Basement mark the point at which two revolutionary new concepts were introduced to the industry that have never been achieved before.

* For full information on the Newton Protected Basement scheme please contact our technical department.