Introducing adjustable pedestals by Wallbarn

Adjustable pedestals from Wallbarn offer a fast and convenient solution for installing paving on structural decks.

Whether at ground level walkways or on flat roofs or terraces, the flexibility of the telescopic stem means completely flat paving is installed onto decks built-to-falls. Drainage is radically improved: none of the paving slabs are touching the structure, so there is clear separation and no risk of damp ingress. A clear air gap beneath the slabs keeps the area ventilated.

The telescopic stems allow installers to achieve millimetre accuracy up to door thresholds and the like. For complicated decks, where they fall in multiple directions for example, consider ASP EXTRA pedestals. These units have increased adjustment in the stems, so greater range is achieved through each unit.

Wallbarn has the largest range of pedetals in UK. We offer solutions from 7mm for very tight thresholds up to over one metre high. Our pedestals have been tested to -40°C and in saline conditions over the longterm.