Innovative recycled eco glass from Stoneville

Stoneville Recycled Eco Glass is an innovative product distinguished by its aesthetic, technical & eco-friendly properties. Uniquely, it is made 100% of recycled glass, with no resins.

It has a wide variety of applications, including kitchen worktops, countertops, cladding, floors, spas, swimming pools, desk tops, vanity tops, splashbacks, etc. Its colours/patterns, composition & 3D effect set it apart from other materials made of recycled glass. It can be used as an alternative to marble, granite, standard glass, acrylic surfaces, etc.

Unlike marble or granite, it is easy to clean and maintain, and does not suffer from colour or pattern variation. It is much more cost-effective than onyx and semi-precious stones, as well as high-end types of marble. Unlike acrylic and most other man-made materials, it is eco-friendly. Although it is made up of recycled glass, it doesn’t look composite, is transparent and has a 3D effect (due to fused shards of recycled glass), particularly visible under lights. Stoneville Recycled Glass is not to be confused with standard sheet glass, again due to its technical, visual and also environmental characteristics.

Stoneville has large stocks of slabs at its Brentford warehouse that it sells to fabricators or uses for in-house fabrication. Slab sizes in mm are 1240×2440 or 1440×3040. Standard thicknesses: 20mm and 30mm. There are nine main colours, including white, chocolate, dark navy, and a black & white combination. We specifically have chosen these colours/patterns after extensive research.

Although it is a fairly new material, Stoneville has already used it in various residential and commercial projects, including 39 Victoria Street (office development by British Land) where it supplied all bespoke vanity tops, as well as On Motcomb high end fashion shop where it supplied large floor panels.

Stoneville is a leading supplier of marble, limestone and other natural stones, neoparies and other man-made materials, as well as the exclusive supplier of Stoneville Recycled Eco Glass.

Please check for further details and/or email or call us on 020 8560 1000.

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