Innova creates perfectly tailored labs for Bellerbys College

Education interiors specialist Innova Design Solutions have created inspiring science labs with the wow factor for international students at Bellerbys College.

Part of the Study Group, Bellerbys operates across eight campuses and prepares over 1,250 international students for university entry every year.

In keeping with Study Group’s transformation scheme, Bellerbys wanted to reformat its science facilities to reflect changes in teaching and learning styles, and was looking for stylish, state of the art labs and prep rooms.

Working to a timescale of just a few weeks, Innova provided a full contract management service to guarantee work on each of the six laboratories ran smoothly.

End-user involvement was central to the design process: with the input of teaching staff Innova created a unique layout and colour scheme in each lab, giving teachers the freedom to tailor the learning environment to their preferred teaching styles.

From peninsular layouts to curved centre floor layouts, all the labs were designed so every student faced the front with significant space for practical and theory classes.

Curved centre floor units with a radial design offered teachers greater control of the learning environment, with short lines of communication to ensure students remain focused on learning. The installation of sinks in centre floor units optimised the space to support the practical emphasis of science course at Bellerbys.

To maximise space for chemicals, books and equipment, perimeter and under bench storage was incorporated alongside racks for gratnell trays. Further space was provided with the creation of mechanically ventilated chemical stores on each floor of the building, where shelving and lockable storage enabled technicians to keep equipment well-organised and at hand for experiments.

A mixture of Trespa, Formica compact grade laminate and CDF (Kronoswiss), an eco-friendly compact grade density board was chosen to ensure work surfaces were attractive, durable and easy to maintain.

The results are colourful, creative learning spaces which stimulate students and are set to be a showcase for Bellerbys to attract overseas students.

For more information please visit or call 0161 477 5300