Ingersoll Rand helps Southwark homes minimise the risk of fire

Leading global provider of security and safety solutions Ingersoll Rand has provided Southwark Council, one of the largest local authority housing trusts in London, with a range of steel doorsets and overhead door controls, to help increase fire safety.

London Fire Solutions (LFS) was appointed as specialist passive fire protection sub-contractors to Apollo & J Murphy & Son for general fire stopping and the installation of over 3,000 60-minute communal screens, 30-minute high security front entrance doors, and the upgrading of around 500 existing fire doors.

LFS in turn appointed Ingersoll Rand to assist with delivery of the project. As part of the upgrade, Briton 1110 self-closing overhead door closers were fitted to existing fire doors; and escape doors in communal chute rooms were replaced along with stairwell cupboard doors and lift access doors.

Ingersoll Rand also provided “one hour” steel fire doorsets to 16 of Southwark Homes’ housing blocks. The doorsets, complete with Briton door controls, hinges and lockcases, offer increased security as well as providing first class fire protection.

Around 3,000 front entrance and communal doors were fitted with Briton 1110 series overhead door closers to ensure doors remain closed after each use, helping to controll the spread of fire and smoke in instance of fire. Briton 1120 door closers were also installed as the strength of the closer can be adjusted to help elderly residents.

Paul Barrows, key account manager at Ingersoll Rand said: “We’re delighted to have worked with Apollo, London Fire Solutions, and J Murphy & Son, helping them improve fire safety measures and ensuring the protection of residents in case of fire. Correct specification is key to minimising the risk of fire. By taking the time to select the right products, Southwark Homes will benefit from essential fire protection which will allow vital time for tenants to escape a building fire.”

Jim Hannon, partner of London Fire Solutions, said: “We were appointed to install and upgrade more than 3,500 front entrance and communal doors for Southwark Council; and without the extensive product portfolio, expertise and knowledge available from Ingersoll Rand this wouldn’t have been possible.”

All Ingersoll Rand products are offered with industry needs in mind and are backed up by the company’s ISO9001 and ISO4001 accreditations.