Improving your home in the winter period

Jason Orme, property expert for the London Homebuilding & Renovating Show (4-6 Oct, ExCeL,, says:

“We’re going into the first autumn and winter season since the Government announced a desire to get the UK to achieve a zero carbon target within a few decades. There will inevitably be a renewed focus on how people’s houses consume energy so energy efficient improvements are likely to be high on the agenda. This will be an important trend that people will increasingly have to address in their own properties. We’ve seen anecdotally much wider interest in improved boilers, insulation and other solid and sensible elements of energy efficiency improvements, rather than on solar panels, for example, so the significant changes are about improving housing stock rather than renewable tech.

“In addition, in times of great uncertainty, people are less likely to go out and spend money on other things. As a result, we’ll see that homes become more like sanctuaries and there will be a greater desire in stocking for a long winter ahead. Prices likely to increase by 20% means that you’ll inevitably want to buy more food now that lasts, squeezing every inch of storage available in terms of stocking and storing, and even making use of previously unused cupboards, walk-in areas and pantries.”

Sian Astley, lady builder and renovation expert for the London Homebuilding & Renovating Show (4-6 Oct, ExCeL,, adds:

“The nights might be drawing in but 2020’s home renovators aren’t just turning to Netflix to chill, oh no. Sensible renovators use long winter nights to source, plan and decide on all the finishes and materials they’ll be using to ensure they’re prepped and ready for action early next year. Companies love launching new ranges in Autumn and the interior trends are being primed for next year so take advantage of rainy weekends to make decisions, order samples and get ahead of your interior choices. This is the way to ensure budgets are adhered to, measurements are correct, materials are on a spreadsheet and builders are happy.”