iHouseCheck Makes It Easy For Homebuyers To Survey Potential Properties

iHouseCheck has launched a first of its kind website, a site that allows UK homebuyers to survey properties by themselves.

The new website allows home buyers to choose between a ‘basic’ or ‘big’ report which can be generated within just a few minutes. Once home buyers have decided on which report to purchase, they will be asked to inspect a series of items and choose pictures that come closest to what they find at the property. Once the home buyer has completed the process, a report will be created.

The website will be of tremendous value to those homebuyers who want to survey a property but can’t afford the expensive price tag. Generally, a property survey can cost upwards of £350.00. With iHouseCheck, home buyers will only need to spend £49.00 or £89.00 depending on the report type chosen.

Anita Oakley, Managing Director of iHouseCheck, comments:

“This is a cutting edge website far superior to anything else in the marketplace. We expect tremendous sales through our convenient, user-friendly website.”

In the UK, more and more homebuyers are sacrificing a home survey because of the additional cost. But, many buyers are looking for a solution to this problem.

Anita continues:

“With iHouseCheck, many home buyers will now be able to complete a property survey at an affordable price.”

Conducting a property survey is vital before any sale. Its results will educate homebuyers on any housing issue, allowing the potential buyer to make a more informed purchasing decision. It may also help buyers negotiate on the properties asking price if any repair work is likely.

Buyers can rest assured when using iHouseCheck. The surveys have been created by experienced and highly skilled trades people who have inspected numerous properties throughout their careers.