i-fix from Instarmac makes upkeep of outdoor spaces easy

A summer of BBQs, outdoor living and leisure activities can take its toll on any home’s garden, patio or drive.

Heavy footfall and game playing can leave concrete paths or steps cracked and broken which can cause accidents as well as further damage once winter arrives.

Repair and maintenance of outdoor space can help improve the kerb appeal of a home in addition to helping retain its value long-term.

Launched this summer, there is a new range of products designed to make the upkeep of landscaped space easier than ever before – i-fix.

Created by the UK’s leading manufacturer of cement and bitumen products, Instarmac Group Plc, i-fix allows homeowners to restore their outdoor space themselves or with the help of a professional installer.

The unique i-fix Speedy Paving Grout is perfect for grouting new or re-pointing existing paving and saves valuable time thanks to its fast setting time of up to 30 minutes and easy mix formula – just add water.

Speedy Paving Grout is an innovative pourable grout which protects against future weed growth and, thankfully for our country, can be applied in both wet and dry weather.

Paving Sealer has been created specifically with block paving in mind but it can also be used on slabs with sand joints. The water-based sealer can be applied easily with a watering can and works by binding jointing sand and sealing the paving surface providing robust protection from stains and weed growth.

Patios can also require a patch up job in parts following a particularly harsh winter or heavy wear and tear so Speedy Concrete is included in the i-fix range to tackle cracked or damaged paths and steps.

Whatever toll has been taken on UK homes this summer, i-fix has the solution to reverse it quickly and easily.

For more information on each of the products in the i-fix range visit: www.i-fix.co.uk

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