Housing sector leaders to get ‘Fit to Lead’ with Sally Gunnell OBE

Senior executives working in the UK’s housing sector are to discover how they can ensure peak leadership fitness at a ground-breaking event featuring Olympic gold medallist, Sally Gunnell OBE.

The event is hosted by Awbery, a firm specialising in the creation and delivery of high-impact leadership and management development programmes, and will focus on its newest, innovative leadership development programme, Fit to Lead, and how this can help senior workers in the housing sector.

Fit to Lead is designed to equip business leaders with the knowledge and skills to ensure their wellbeing at work, as Director at Awbery, Mary Sisson explains:

“Over the last five years, we have made a scoping study of the research and reports that examine the evolution of leadership, alongside our own research into the spiralling problem of corporate burnout and role of wellbeing in the workplace.”

“Collectively, the findings underpin our belief that leadership wellbeing at work, in physical, emotional and personal development capacities, has a huge impact on individual performance, and a profound influence on the culture they create.”

“The housing sector is one of the public sector’s most highly pressured and stressful work environments, with recent research* revealing that 92 per cent of social housing professionals regularly work over their contracted hours – by an average six extra hours each week. 65 per cent said they need to stay late to keep up with their workload, and 37 per cent said their family life suffered as a result.”

“The Fit to Lead programme addresses all the vital components of how leaders in the sector can ensure their minds and bodies remain in the very best of health in the face of such pressure and long hours, to achieve enduring and successful leadership. It addresses how resilience, stress management and sleep effect mental wellbeing, the importance for the body of nutrition, exercise and sleep, and the role of coaching, performance and motivation in supporting and nurturing leaders.”

The taster session workshop has Sally Gunnell, a highly respected corporate wellbeing advocate and coach, and a huge supporter of Awbery’s Fit to Lead programme, as its guest speaker.

Mary adds:

“The event represents an excellent opportunity for leaders in the housing sector to find out more and discover how the programme could support them in their workplace.”

“And we are delighted that Fit to Lead’s high-profile supporter Sally Gunnel, is our guest speaker.”

The Fit to Lead workshop session is tailored for leaders in the housing sector and takes place at etc.venues 120 Moorgate, London EC2M 6UR on Thursday 16th June 2016, from 9am to 12.45pm, and will include lunch.