Housing scheme dubbed industry ‘game changer’ launches in Manchester

Urban Splash and shedkm announce the first phase of their hoUSe project.

Offering customers bespoke, architect-designed homes along the canal in New Islington, Manchester, the development gives buyers the power to choose the layout of their home.

In its initial phase, the project’s first 43 homes adopt a traditional terraced approach – but internally, layouts can be configured to tailor one, two, three, four and five bedroom homes with an open-plan or more traditional feel.

Ian Killick, director at shedkm, explained:

“This concept has been a long time in the making and we believe that it is a game-changer to tackle the current housing shortage this country is facing. They also happen to be homes that people are proud to live in.”

The homes are made of volumetric timber pods that are delivered to site with minimal disruption. The benefits of building homes in this manner is that all standards and tolerances can be monitored in a factory-controlled environment, meaning the houses are warm and incredibly energy efficient, as well as flexible to plan and adapt.

Urban Splash Chairman Tom Bloxham MBE said the project was born “from our desire to create something for customers who want to live in well-designed homes and stay in the city centre.”

“We noticed that within UK cities there is a real lack of diversity in terms of new residential stock.

“hoUSe is our way of offering…something in the city. At prices less per square foot than city centre flats, lower maintenance costs than old Victorian houses or blocks of flats, big floorplates, high ceilings and huge windows, they have already been well received.”

The hoUSes on the New Islington plot are long and slender and range from two to three storeys. The grey exteriors are broken up by thick-banded black window bays that offer occupants with views out over Manchester, while also allowing an abundance of sunlight to enter the rooms.

Internal configuring means that owners can select between ‘loft’ or ‘garden’ living, which means that you can opt for the communal areas to be located at the base or top of the house.