Home is where the heat is as Ecodan features in new Buckinghamshire development

When Matthew Homes – an experienced building company based in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire – announced that it was constructing a small development of two and three bedroom homes in Hazelmere, Buckinghamshire, it took the decision to offer a renewable technology option to potential home buyers in the form of air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric.

Not only was Ecodan the natural choice as a proven, reliable form of renewable heating, the ability to provide Matthews Homes with an in-built remote maintenance and technical support was a key part of the decision.

Growing up
Hazelmere started out as a small hamlet in the ancient Desborough Hundred but it has since become a thriving community, boasting a variety of shops, pubs and restaurants and even an 18 hole golf course.

The new development consisted of eight two and three bedrooms homes backing onto woodland. Matthew Homes were on the lookout for a hybrid system that would run alongside a gas boiler and quickly identified Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan heat pump range as an ideal solution.

In with the renew
Mitsubishi Electric is well known for its development of pioneering heat pump technologies and its Ecodan system is one of the most efficient solutions on the market.

Offering an affordable alternative to traditional heating systems, Ecodan features a modern, inverter-driven heat pump compressor which converts free energy from the air and upgrades it to higher temperatures, providing reliable heating and hot water all year round. The heat pumps only require a small amount of electricity to harvest, upgrade and move the heat to areas that it is needed.

Installation company AP Faulkner was handed the job of fitting the heat pumps, having had plenty of previous experience in dealing with renewable technologies.

Kim Faulkner, Managing Director at the company, comments:

“Heat pumps are an efficient and effective way of heating a property and the cost of implementing a heat pump solution in either small scale or larger projects is dropping all the time. We expect to see plenty more of these installations in the short-term future.”

As well as the obvious requirement to meet building regulations, Matthew Homes was particularly interested in offering a heating solution that was simple to use and required little maintenance. Being easy to install and maintain, The Ecodan met all of the specified criteria. On top of this, the system is capable of significantly reducing running costs and CO2 emissions – helping to meet renewable energy targets – and is fully scalable and able to work in conjunction with other systems.

Under control
In order to provide the homeowner with additional peace of mind, Mitsubishi Electric’s MELCloud was installed as a simple Wi-Fi adaptor. MELCloud enables the user to control the Ecodan system either locally or remotely via a tablet, smartphone, PC, Mac or other Internet enabled device.

MELCloud is simple to set up and gives the operator complete control of their Ecodan system over a wireless Internet connection. Residents at the new Hazelmere development will then have the ability to view and control their heating and hot water from anywhere in the world, keep an eye on energy consumption and heat energy produced, set up a seven day weekly schedule and run a holiday mode, get temperature history reports, take in a live weather feed from the Ecodan’s location and share or restrict access to the Ecodan system.

The added advantage of the MELCloud system is that it automatically includes access to the MELConsole remote maintenance and technical support available from Mitsubishi Electric.

This means that in the event of the new homeowners having any issue with their heating and phoning Matthew Homes, the company can get straight on to Mitsubishi Electric’s technical helpline.  Staff here can then interrogate the system remotely and in the vast majority of cases resolve any issues – without the need for a site visit.

Ready to go
With the Ecodan system in place, both Matthew Homes and Mitsubishi Electric are confident that residents in the new family dwellings will enjoy years of stress-free, efficient heating.

Stevie Byrne, Renewable Solutions Consultant at Mitsubishi Electric, concludes:

“Ecodan has been optimised to operate flawlessly whatever the weather throws at it. The system has proven itself as a viable alternative to traditional heating systems and I have no doubt that its low noise levels and running costs will be warmly welcomed by the new Hazelmere residents.”