High quality wood finish for veneer doors

Designed specifically to protect and preserve internal veneer doors, Osmo Door-Oil is easy to use and gives a professional touch to doors, ensuring a high quality, tough and durable finish.

Door-Oil is the perfect solution for any modern home, as it will provide utmost protection against common household spillages and stains. After application, the wood’s true beauty is enhanced, with the wood’s grain and natural characteristics providing a warm and rich effect to ensure that any interior room looks luxurious and elegant.

Osmo Door-Oil is a solvent-free solution, created from natural vegetable and plant oils and waxes. These organic properties ensure the treatment is quickly and deeply absorbed into the wood, enriching the wood’s natural beauty and strength without any cracking, flaking, peeling or blistering. The surface also becomes healthy and elastic, and the wood’s fibres are prevented from becoming dry and brittle over time as well as shrinking and swelling. It contains no biocides or preservatives and, when dry, is safe in contact with humans, animals and even children’s toys.

The solution is ready to use and removes the need for thinning. With relatively little preparation needed on the surface either, wood treatment and maintenance is made even simpler. As long as the surface is clean, dry and sanded, the solution can be applied to the surface directly with a paintbrush, roller or by a lint-free cloth. Each one litre tin contains enough treatment to allow for two coats of a 12m² area wooden surface, and has a shelf life, if stored correctly, of around 5 or more years. Drying time for each coat is just 8 to 10 hours.

Howdens Joinery has tested Osmo Door-Oil on veneer doors, and is recommending this product to its customers.

For more information on Osmo UK’s Door-Oil treatment, or on any of the other environmentally friendly Osmo products, please visit www.osmouk.com, where full information on all the Osmo range can be found. Alternatively please call Osmo UK directly on 01296 481220 or email info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)osmouk.com.