Heradesign continues to innovate and excite at Surface Design Show

At last year’s Surface Design Show, Heradesign from Knauf AMF Ceilings made an impact on architects and designers for the visual energy and contemporary warmth it adds to their interiors. Visit Stand 100 at The Surface Design Show to find out why.

Endless design possibilities

Heradesign is a range of sustainable, wood-wool based ceiling tiles and wall panels, which are cost effective and easy to install. The visible wood fibres give Heradesign its naturally textured finish. The panels are robust to ensure longevity.

Michael Laird Architects (MLA) and Reiach and Hall Architects designed and delivered a new campus at Glasgow City College. Heradesign’s appearance made it an ideal fit for the large engineering hall.

“The Engineering hall is an industrial space where raw and robust materials have been left exposed. We felt that the material quality of Heradesign aligned with the intended design aesthetic.”

Design possibilities are endless, Heradesign is available in a wide range of sizes, edge details and unlimited colours. To create memorable interiors, Heradesign can be fitted as a suspended ceiling, hung as rafts or fits, or directly onto walls and ceilings.


Heradesign’s versatility appealed to Snook Architects for a city-centre office refurbishment project. “We wanted an alternative to the traditional suspended ceiling. Heradesign is clever because, although a panelled system, the concealed grid disguises the fact that it is suspended (particularly with the nice chamfer detail on the edge of each panel).” Flexible installation solutions make Heradesign suitable for new builds, refurbishment projects and historic buildings.

Colour options

Heradesign can be specified many colours including these from popular systems such as RAL, NCS or StoColor. Architects Sheppard Robson chose Heradesign for bold-coloured meeting booths at London Business School.

“I am thrilled with the finished look – colour matching was very important for the interior design and the colour of the wall and ceiling panels is spot on.”

It’s not just about looks, Heradesign goes further by providing outstanding sound control, A1 fire protection and superior environmental credentials.

Class A acoustic control

Sound control was important for Haverstock architects when specifying ceilings for a contemporary church building with multi-functional spaces. “Heradesign works in harmony with the modern design and also helps control reverberation in the open spaces.” Heradesign provides the highest standard Class A sound absorption which is why it’s chosen for many mixed-use projects. High sound absorption will control unwanted background noise and ensure speech can be heard, contributing to a comfortable acoustic environment.

Visit Knauf AMF at Stand 100

The team at Knauf AMF are ready to help you find the perfect acoustic and aesthetic solution for your interior design. They look forward to welcoming you to Stand 100 where you can find out more about Heradesign including guidance on applications and technical information. Please help yourself to free samples and brochures too. The team can also provide advice about our whole range of high performance acoustic solutions.