Grundfos is right at home with a wide range of pump solutions

In the UK we have a very strong attachment to our homes and this means they play a much more important role in our lives than simply being a pile of bricks and mortar.

Equally, this is reflected in the expectations of what we would like our living spaces to deliver; as we now want them to meet a range of demands in support of our increasing requirement for comfort.  This includes the ideal ambient temperature, delivering ample hot water and having sufficient/accessible water pressure to match all our needs. 

This has led to the availability of an increasingly sophisticated product portfolio from specialist suppliers, such as Grundfos Pumps.  Today Grundfos offer a comprehensive range of products that enable you to access the ultimate pump technology throughout an entire home.  Plus with Grundfos you can be sure that the solution will deliver the optimal pump solution that is reliable, innovative and can be installed with minimal fuss.

These products may not as well-known as the Grundfos heating circulator ranges or indeed our popular family of macerators, however Grundfos also supply a range of additional pump ‘specialists’ that can meet a host of other specific demands.  So whether the requirement is to ensure instant and/or ample hot or cold water to meet any demand, or that the water pressure needs to be augmented, Grundfos has a wide range of products that will deliver water to where it is needed when it is needed.  The already impressive portfolio has recently been added by a range of shower booster and universal head shower booster pump ranges that have been receiving excellent reviews

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