Grundfos Home Booster delivers when mains pressure is not enough

The Grundfos Home Booster has been developed to provide a compact and cost-effective solution. It’s is self-contained and its neat size makes it ideal for a range of domestic installations where space is at a premium.

These self-contained cold water booster sets, has been specifically designed for domestic properties where the existing mains water supply is insufficient to meet the demand requirements of pressurised hot and cold water systems. The Home Booster is suitable for most domestic properties with one or two standard bathrooms with standard fittings, or en-suite, and cloakroom, plus other normal household appliances.

Designed and developed by Grundfos Pumps specifically to meet the demands of the UK market, these Home Booster units are built in the UK and they have proven themselves in the field for the past 10 years.

Another important plus is that installation is straight forward – just requiring connection of mains cold water supply, discharge pipe, overflow pipe and electrical connections. Sets are typically installed in a utility room or a garage.  For larger properties, there are a range of alternatives that could be considered including the Grundfos Max-E Boost.

With the increasing demand for water to meet a range of demands, many households are looking to get a boost to their water supply demands and the Grundfos Home Booster can deliver it.