Green and sustainable solutions with Wallbarn M-TRAY®

The M-Tray® modular sedum green roof is a truly sustainable and environmentally sustainable system.

M-Tray® means more soft surfaces and less hard surfaces. Run-off from roofs and podium decks is reduced significantly as the plants will absorb up to 50 per cent of rainwater. This means far less pressure on public drainage systems and combat flash flooding.

Each module is 500mm x 500mm so one person can carry it without issue. Even the most difficult to access areas can be reached. Retro-fitting and roof decks with lower weight tolerances can be fitted with M-Tray® as they will weigh up to 25kg per module saturated. This is a major advantage over more intensive roof garden systems.

M-Tray® is designed to attract wildlife and nature to the roof structure. The plants have been selected to be hardy and viable in the long-term. Flowering species will attract butterflies, bees and birds. The whole area will become an attractive environment.

There is very little maintenance required and sedums are drought tolerant species. They are supplied mature and fully established and create an instant green roof.

Wallbarn’s new M-Tray® is designed and manufactured in Britain!

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