Go ‘au naturale’ in 2017 with natural fibre carpets

Natural carpets are considered to be the next big trend in the flooring world. There is currently a wide range of beautiful, natural flooring products on the market that are purely made up of contemporary plant-based fibres. But aren’t natural fibre carpets just those hairy doormat things? Wrong, these intricately woven furnishings come in a variety of different styles and textures; all of which make for incredibly elegant floors that offers a modern alternative to traditional carpet.

Bang on trend

Natural products are really beginning to grow in popularity amongst British homeowners. Many people are now stocking up on naturally sourced and manufactured products to display and use in their homes; and natural carpets are a big part of that! A recent survey showed that one in three consumers now actually prefer to go for the environmentally/eco-friendly option. Installing a natural fibre carpet is a great way of jumping on board with this encouraging consumer movement.

Furthermore, natural fibres are a much more sustainable material than those used in most other types of man-made carpets. The manufacturing process is far more efficient, and pollution and waste production is far less! It’s also great for managing CO2 levels in the atmosphere as it encourages the planning of fresh crops. 

The benefits of natural carpets

  • They’re durable & hardwearing. Natural fibre carpets are perfect for heavy use areas like living rooms and bedrooms. It’s recommended you avoid using this type of floor on stairs though, as it can be rather slippery.
  • They’re an architectural statement. Natural fibre carpets are smart, stylish, and make a fine contemporary impression.
  • They have excellent acoustic, anti-static and thermal properties. Not only do they look great, they’re incredly practical!
  • They’re available in a variety of waves, styles and colours. Natural plant fibres are made into carpets, mats and rugs of many different styles, providing you with the opportunity to be creative and match your floor with your interior intentions

The types of natural carpet

Sisal: probably the most durable and versatile of all the natural fibres, sisal carpets can be laid in pretty much any area of the home and is especially ideal for heavy traffic areas such as hallways. You can buy sisal in a range of different weaves including panama, hopscotch and herringbone.

Seagrass: arguably the softest of all the nature fibre carpets, seagrass is wonderfully uplifting and its textural, tropical feel breathes life and energy into any room. Laying down a fine quality seagrass carpet will give you that ‘on holiday’ sensation that we all crave here in England. It’s also hardwearing, anti-static, and actually quite soft under foot. You can chose between an array of different weaves and styles, giving you the freedom to pick the perfect style for you and your home.

Coir: crafted from coconut fibres, coir brings a touch of exotic natural goodness to your home. The pros of this particular texture include being anti-static, resistant to mould, mildew and soil whilst also being surprisingly durable. Available in a range of gorgeous looking weaves, coir carpets bring that rich, homely feel to your living space. Its warmth and comfort make for a cosy carpet that’s perfect for those winter months.

Jute: is one of the most affordable natural fibres, but also one of the most widely produced; second only to cotton. Woven from the finest boucle, basket weave and herringbone, just is has a wonderfully soft, silky feel that just oozes natural beauty. Jute is ideal for relaxing living areas and comes in both rustic and modern styles.

Research carried out by the healthy flooring network found that sisal fibres, in particular, are the perfect choice for those that suffer from severe allergy to pesticides. This is because they’re grown completely naturally, without the use of chemicals. Most are sourced through manual weeding and herbicides can sometimes be used, but rain-fed crops such as jute have very little need for fertilisers or pesticides.

Furthermore, natural carpets are also great for asthma sufferers. The tight weave of many of the natural fibre carpets make the material it highly impenetrable for dust and mites. So you can breathe easy.

Invite the outdoors in… in style

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