Get ‘Parking Perfect’ for Spring with line marking solutions from Arco

Now spring has sprung and the weather starts to warm, safety expert Arco is urging British businesses to freshen up its line markings across car parks, warehouses, loading bays and industrial sites, to keep workers safe.

To support the industry, Arco is offering a range of deals on its popular line marking product ranges throughout March 2016.

According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in 2014/15 there were over 5000 accidents involving transport in the workplace and around 50 of these incidents lead to a person being killed. Although regulations require that vehicles and pedestrians move around safely at work, at least one British worker needs hospital treatment every day after being injured by a forklift truck at work. Line markings on site can ensure that vehicles and pedestrians are allocated designated traffic routes so they are kept separate and ultimately reduce the risk of a worker being struck.

Arco, the UK’s leading safety supplier is urging companies to give sites a ‘spring clean’ and reinstate marking traffic lines that may have faded by offering a range of marking paint or tape. As every site is different and likely to present various hazards and risks; a well-designed and maintained site enables workplace transport accidents to become less likely.

In March 2015, an East Yorkshire company was prosecuted and fined more than £46,000 after two workers were seriously injured by two separate reversing forklift trucks. These incidents could have easily been prevented had work in the goods yard been better managed and pedestrian routes specified.

Many deaths and serious injuries involving vehicles at work happen during reversing, with poor visibility being the main cause. There are several measures that can help to reduce the risk of reversing accidents, but removing the need for reversing is the most effective. To overcome this issue, where possible, employers should introduce a one-way system, this will reduce the need for vehicles to reverse and as a result, reduce risk.

Paul Smith, Product & Procurement Manager at Arco said:

“The use of professional line markings on site is imperative for worker safety. Both pedestrians and vehicles should have clearly designated traffic routes, to ensure they remain at a safe distance from each other.”

As the experts in safety, Arco offers a range to help repair damaged floor and improve safety on site with line marking paint or tape. Exclusive offers are available at Arco on products such as Rocol EASYLINE Edge Paint, Buffalo Line & Spot Marking Paint and Arco Line Marker Spray Paint until 31st March 2016.

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