Geocel is working on a new range

Since its launch in 2008, theWORKS – a fast-acting, wet or dry surface sealant and adhesive from Geocel – has proved a big hit with contractors, quickly becoming one of Geocel’s “million pound brands”. Now Geocel is launching two new theWORKS products to complete the range: theWORKS XXX is an eXtra grab, eXtra strong, eXtra fast version of the familiar cartridge sealant/adhesive, and theWORKS SPRAY is a handy aerosol spray that removes, cleans, degreases and helps finish all sorts of common building tasks.

theWORKS XXX is the ultimate in fast grab super strength adhesive power – 50% faster than traditional grab adhesives. This instant bond means that many common building tasks can be carried out without the need for temporary support or additional mechanical fixings, saving time and money on site. This impressive performance doesn’t come at the expense of the environment or health and safety. theWORKS XXX is solvent-free, non-hazardous and odourless so it is a pleasure to use even in confined spaces.

theWORKS XXX comes in a standard 290ml cartridge (in white) so it guns just like other adhesives with no mess, no mixing and no hassle and has a special V-shaped nozzle for ease of use and, ultimately, better adhesion.

theWORKS SPRAY is the ultimate tradesman’s friend because it performs such a wide variety of tasks and works in seconds. It will remove all sorts of debris from most surfaces such as uncured sealants and adhesives, grease, oil, chewing gum, tar and much more, and it will degrease surfaces too. This makes it perfect for prepping substrates before using theWORKS, or for cleaning tools and equipment. It also acts as a handy finishing product to give theWORKS joints a smooth and glossy finish.

Unlike traditional solvent removers, theWORKS SPRAY is not aggressive to substrates and leaves no residue. This fast acting and effective spray comes in a handy 500ml aerosol can – perfect for keeping in the toolbox.

theWORKS range is available at all good builders merchants nationwide. Users can call 01752 334350 to find their nearest stockist.

Geocel has established itself as the leading supplier of sealant and adhesives to the construction industry. All of the Geocel products are carefully formulated for the professional tradesman and a policy of continuous product innovation, coupled with high quality products has made them the professional’s choice.