Future proof your homes with a wetroom

Housebuilders can offer ultimate flexibility when it comes to bathroom design, by incorporating an effective wetroom drainage system into the build. Here, Howard Ball, Sales and Marketing Manager at CCL Wetrooms, looks at the immediate and longer terms benefits of incorporating a wetroom.

Wetrooms continue to grow in popularity. Not to be confused with ‘wet zones’ or ‘wet areas’, wetrooms are waterproofed rooms equipped with a walk-in shower. As an open-plan alternative to the traditional bathroom, they provide a space-saving, design-led solution perceived as a high-end feature. The continuous lines result in a sleek, luxurious finish – and cleaning and maintenance is also much easier, which means they offer exceptional whole-life value, when compared to traditional shower trays and enclosures.

More significantly, wetrooms offer accessibility, a feature that will become increasingly important as our population continues to age and the housing market shifts to accommodate changing needs. They can also provide practical showering solutions for those with mobility problems. As per the principles of Lifetime Homes, including a wetroom drainage system within the initial build not only offers buyers a wider choice when it comes to the type of bathroom they would like initially, it also offers adaptability and enables an easy change of use if the mobility of the residents changes over time. With ‘retirement’ now likely to span 20 – 30 years, buyers will be looking for a home that will adapt to their needs over time,therefore incorporating an appropriate wetroom drainage system in both the main bathroom and downstairs WC – even if they are just capped off initially – will enable this to be achieved easily and cost effectively.

The type of drainage system required is determined by the room’s floor depth. For the upper floors of a building, where the insulation and concrete screed is much shallower in depth than ground floor foundations, systems such as the Linear Screen Drain from CCL Wetrooms are ideal. It has a height of only 67mm (the shallowest trap available on the market) which means even the highest of water flow rates can be achieved and managed effectively on concrete floors, which are widely used in the construction of modern houses.

The drain incorporates a unique waterless trap, which is formed of a spring-loaded mechanism and keeps the trap sealed when not in use. This ensures that even when a shower is left unused for prolonged periods, the trap cannot dry out, making it ideal for holiday homes or for Lifetime Homes where the drain may be capped off at first.

The smart design of the linear trough also allows the waste position to be rotated through 360° to avoid all obstructions under the floor and enables easy installation in all sizes and configurations of wet rooms. Plus, thanks to a uniquely adjustable stainless steel grill, any size or depth of stone, tiles or marble can be used alongside the grill, without the need to raise the whole floor.

For developers who are more firmly focused on the ‘wow’ factor, CCL Wetrooms also offers a competitively priced modular wet floor system that can being used in a wide number of different configurations on a timber floor, meaning that the shower area no longer needs to be constrained to one corner of the room. This offers developers endless design possibilities, including creating a stunning shower area in the middle of the bathroom, for example.

By incorporating a wetroom drainage system as a matter of course, house developers can offer their buyers increased choice from the initial specification phase and offer a vision for how their home can adapt in the future. By considering the current and future needs of its target market, a developer can stay ahead of the game.

For more information about the Linear Screed Drain or Modular Wet-Floor System, please call CCL Wetrooms on 0844 327 6002 or visit www.ccl-wetrooms.co.uk.