Future proof your home…

Discover the benefits of protecting your timber with environmentally friendly wood finishes from Silva Timber.

Naturally versatile, strong and durable, wood is the perfect choice for exterior use.  It’s recyclable and sustainable and can be used for decking, fencing, roofing and cladding, where it will also provide an extra layer of insulation.  Silva Timber’s cladding products will enhance the character of your home while the Sansin range of finishes ensures that the exterior and interior timber stays looking like new and lasts for many decades to come.

When it comes to wood protection, one question is asked more than any other – how long will it last?  It’s difficult to answer this question, as there are so many factors to take into consideration.  The design and orientation of the building, wood species, preparation taken, how translucent the finish is, exposure to sunlight and moisture among other variables, will all influence the life of the finish.

The timber industry is saturated with different finishing products. More commonly used are high build oil and water based finishes which have a greater viscosity and sit on the top of the wood creating a protective layer.  Whilst it may give the appearance desired both of these finishes over time are likely to crack, split and flake and will essentially trap moisture in the wood which will cause the wood to rot.

The Sansin range of finishes from Silva Timber are a low build, highly penetrating water-bourne alkyd based finish which offers the best of oil based and water based finishes whilst containing no VOC’s and is environmentally friendly.  It works by using water to carry modified natural oils and resins deep into the wood’s cell structure.  The water then evaporates allowing the finish to bond directly with the wood substrate enabling the wood to breath whilst forming a tough, durable barrier that won’t crack, peel or blister.  If the timber is well maintained it will grow old gracefully and will not go grey.

Finishes using water bourne technology harness the power of Nano technology to create finishes and colours like you’ve never seen before in wood protection.  By atomizing high quality pigments into Nano-particles, the pigments can be combined with the protective oils and resins on a molecular level.  Once applied to the timber they penetrate deeply, pulling the pigmentation down into the wood to provide a long lasting, vibrant and uniform colour.

When deciding on a stain it’s important to understand the characteristics of the timber species it is being applied to.  The effect of the stain will vary depending on texture, grain, colour and porosity so we’d recommend checking the colours on samples of the timber being used. There are various staining options; natural and translucent tones, which let the beauty of the wood shine through or saturated to ultra saturated tones that provide a more solid colour appearance to the timber.

The key to an excellent finish is preparation; always ensure that the timber is clean and dry, for woods that contain knots and tannins use a primer (check the finish you are using – some finishes contain a priming agent), sand the timber thoroughly.  Sanding the timber thoroughly removes mill glaze and creates an even surface allowing the stain/finish to penetrate the wood, providing an even, consistent and long-lasting finish.  Studies have proven sanding can extend the life of a finish by up to 3 times compared to an unsanded surface.  Following the preparation stages, finish/stain application is the most rewarding part of the protection process. Water-bourne alkyds can be applied in a variety of ways; brushing, dipping, hand or automated spraying (low pressure or airless).  It is recommended to always flood the surface to the point of saturation (approximately 5-6 wet mil).  If using a spray application remember to back brush following the grain pattern to ensure consistent penetration.

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