Furnished with efficiency

James Quinn, sales and marketing manager of Fusion Furniture Solutions, discusses the best way to tackle the mammoth task of furnishing your property.

Once you have acquired a property and undertaken your refurbishment, there is the ‘small’ task of furnishing your investment. Going out to buy furniture can involve wasting hours – if not days – driving miles through traffic, hunting for a parking space, walking for what seems miles and miles looking at row upon row of furniture items and home accessories. After being consumed by special finance offers, demonstrations by pushy sales staff and alike, the till area resembles the finishing line of a blood, sweat and tears marathon – but the worst part is yet to come.

Then you have to drive home with all these items in your car, often involving the boot half closed and tied together with a long awkward item proudly protruding out of the front window. Other road users and pedestrians look at you with sympathetic eyes as they know, and so do you, that awaiting you is death by flat pack. Attempting to remain positive, you evaluate your chances and soon enough succumb to what awaits – inaccurate, hard to understand instructions, unidentifiable objects and missing parts.

So once you’ve decided you’re opposed to the idea of working through the night armed with an Allen Key and instructions that you can’t understand, the next step is to ask: “What is the solution?” Well, the answer is simple.

There are several mantras that are often recited and one commonly heard at seminars, networking events and webinars is that you need to systemise your business and learn to outsource the majority of your projects to experts within the field. For example, unless you are a builder you wouldn’t attempt to tackle a stud wall, if you are not a plumber you wouldn’t attempt to fit a bathroom and so on. You may be a DIY enthusiast, but your time is probably better spent focusing on growing your business and sourcing and working on your next property deal, not being a busy fool trying to save a couple of pounds here and there. The same principle needs to be applied when coming to the end of your project when you require furniture.

Make use of the information age we live in and take a moment to browse through the Internet, social media and property investment networking websites. There are many useful Facebook groups you can join and become aquatinted with fellow property investors. You may not be aware of it yet, but the property community is unsuspectingly closely knit and landlords and property investors are on the whole very helpful. Simply entering a question into the news feed, such as ‘who should I use for furnishing my properties’, for example, could pay dividends.

Within minutes you will have received responses from other property investors that have more than likely suffered the same fate and are only too happy to share their experiences with you. Some will even go as far as quantifying the mistakes that are commonly made and hit you with the reality that you were wasting vast amounts of valuable time.

Drawing from experience, more would advise you it is wise never to become emotionally attached to your project and understand that your energies don’t necessarily need to be where you think they do. Furnishing an investment property is one of the simplest tasks you will encounter on your property journey, if done methodically and correctly.