FSC® compliant boiler casing – The easy solution

When it comes to concealing boiler pipe work, Encasement has it covered!

Not only are our pre-formed plywood boiler casings simple, quick and cost-effective to install, but they are also covered by a full Forest Stewardship Council FSC® ‘Chain of Custody’ certification, which verifies that they’re manufactured from sustainable timber.

Also, as Encasement is the UK’s only manufacturer of pre-formed plywood pipe boxing with a full FSC® Chain of Custody certificate, it means you don’t need to worry about compliance.

Rather than waste time by fabricating boiler casings on site, ours are manufactured to match the boiler dimensions and delivered to site pre-finished with a durable melamine surface, so there’s no need for painting and they can be fitted in less than half the time of site made alternatives.

Further savings can be made as our casings can be easily fitted by heating engineers or plumbers at the same time the boiler is installed, instead of having to arrange a separate visit for a joiner to box in the unsightly pipework. ‘One visit – one fit’. It really is that simple.

Spec check:

  • Manufactured from FSC® compliant sustainable timber
  • Pre-formed and prefinished – no fabrication or painting on site
  • Free-standing design – easy to remove for maintenance
  • Supplied in pre-cut heights and widths to project dimensions
  • Easily installed by heating engineers and plumbers – no joinery needed
  • Less time and costs on site

Encasement FSC® compliant boiler casing. Simple, quick and cost effective – Job Done!

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