Fronius impresses with innovative products and technical advances

In 2013, the buzzword for quality-leader Fronius will be innovation. This Austrian company manufactures inverters and will be launching a significant number of new and innovative products next year. The company’s Solar Electronics Division has 20 years of experience, all of which flow into its technical advances.

“The entire PV market is currently in a state of flux. In 2013, we will continue to demonstrate that people can put their faith in us and that Fronius is a strong partner. We have a wide range of new and innovative products, offering our customers technological leaps as well as the usual high quality associated with Fronius”, explains Martin Hackl, head of the Solar Electronics Division at Fronius.

Fronius Galvo – specialising in private consumption

The Fronius Galvo is an extremely safe single-phase electrically-isolated transformer inverter. With power categories ranging from 1.5 to 3.1 kW1 and enormous configuration flexibility, it is the ideal choice for households and small PV installations. Its integrated energy management function makes it particularly suitable for private consumption systems. It will be possible to use this device all over the world. Production is due to start in July 2013.

Fronius Symo – a three-phase device for the highest possible yields

Fronius Symo is the new three-phase inverter from Fronius. This transformerless device comes in power categories of 3.0 kW, 3.7 kW and 4.5 kW and generates the highest possible yields. The inverters feature an innovative hinged design that makes assembly and installation child’s play. The Fronius Symo can be installed indoors or outdoors. The Fronius Symo will be available around the world² from the 4th quarter of 2013. One by one, additional power categories will follow.

Fronius IG Plus 55 V-1 and V-2 – the all-rounders

In the 5.0 kW power category, the single-phase Fronius IG Plus 55 V-1 and the two-phase Fronius IG Plus 55 V-2 are the ideal choice for single-family homes and commercial premises. The successful Fronius IG Plus inverter series covers all the bases in terms of number of phases and power categories. Both devices will be available around the world² from March 2013.

Fronius Agilo Outdoor – the first central inverter that can be serviced by the installer

The Fronius Agilo is the first central inverter in its power categories that can be fully installed and commissioned by the installer, and also be serviced and repaired by the Fronius Service Partner. In the 75 kW and 100 kW power categories, the Fronius Agilo is the ideal solution for industrial and commercial PV installations. It can be transported on a standard industrial pallet. This ensures that costs can be kept to a minimum from the moment the device is delivered. What’s more, the device can be set up outdoors without requiring any protection. Its high protection class of IP 55 guarantees a long service life for the power electronics. Production of the outdoor version will start in March.

Fronius Solar.Web 2 – Intuitive system monitoring

Fronius Solar.Web 2 is the new, powerful and innovative leap forward in system monitoring that doesn’t cost a penny. The visualisation of data is intuitive and detailed. Fronius Solar.Web 2 also features clear formatting and management of data from photovoltaic systems. Another point in its favour is the comprehensive, detailed analysis of irradiance data and yields. Fronius Solar.Web 2 will be available from the 2nd quarter of 2013.

Fronius Datamanager – a wide range of functions on a single card

Fronius Datamanager is the new generation of Fronius Datalogger Web, offering additional options and benefits. As an all-in-one card, all data logging, Ethernet, WLAN, LAN and web server functions are integrated on a single card. Fronius Datamanager keeps costs down and is easy to use – a bonus for any system operator. Fronius Datamanager is very easy to install retrospectively in existing PV installations. This will result in all inverters remaining in line with state-of-the-art data communication systems. Fronius Datamanager will be available from June 2013.

Fronius Solar.Configurator 3 – total control over the PV system configuration

Fronius Solar.Configurator 3 offers the best possible support and total control over the PV system configuration. This practical tool has been completely revamped and a number of new features have been added. Solar.Configurator 3 will be available online from the 2nd quarter of 2013.