Foster + Partners, ‘City Visions: A Sustainable Future’ Exhibition opens at the Big House, Wuhan

A Sustainable Future, a major exhibition about the urban design work of Foster + Partners, has opened at the Big House in Wuhan. The show features a wide range of the practice’s work over several decades highlighting the variety and depth of projects that have sought to improve the urban environments of cities world-wide. New urban planning projects for Wuhan city are explained through models, photos and videos including projects for Wuhan Aomen Road Masterplan, Sanyang Road District and Yuexiu Global Financial City.

The exhibition offers visitors a unique insight into the workings of the studio and the urban design process, in which architects and urban designers work closely together to design prosperous, socially enriching projects capable of evolving to meet future needs. Foster + Partners’ urban design philosophy has always been underpinned by the acknowledgment that the design of the built environment must be generated by the needs of people, be respectful of the existing built fabric, cater to the local economy, and above all, be sustainable.

The practice has been working in China for almost 40 years since winning the Hongkong Bank Headquarters project in 1979. During the following years Foster + Partners has completed many buildings and projects throughout the country such as Hong Kong Airport 1998, Beijing Airport 2008, Citic Bank Headquarters 2016 and Xiao Jing Wang University 2016. There are many further projects currently under construction in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Datong and Hong Kong. Since 2014, the practice has developed a close relationship with the city of Wuhan, establishing a strong research base of historic, environmental, and cultural knowledge about the city informing our work on contextually appropriate developments, from mixed-use masterplans to urban design regeneration schemes for the city.

Spencer de Grey, Head of Design, Foster + Partners:

“It is a pleasure to introduce our work on urban design at the Big House in Wuhan. When you get sustainable urban design and planning right, everything works, the buildings give the appropriate setting, communities come together, leisure becomes enjoyable, tourism follows and ultimately the economy gains. It is the glue that brings everything in a city together. Wuhan’s planning authority recognises this and we greatly look forward to implementing some of our ideas together with them.”

Luke Fox, Head of Studio and Senior Executive Partner, Foster + Partners:

“We believe we have an ever-increasing responsibility to engage with the people who use, occupy and experience our projects. This is something we continue to focus on, through design and research. The people of Wuhan have given us incredible insights and our hope is to create plans that don’t lose sight of the city’s rich history and unique DNA but offer sustainable and enjoyable solutions for this fast growing metropolis.”

The exhibition runs from Monday 8 May to Monday 15 June at the Big House, 79 Lingjiang Dadao, Wuchang, Wuhan.