Formica Group launches its enhanced Washroom Collection

Formica Group addresses the demand for design versatility and bespoke interior schemes in the washroom sector with the launch of the extended Formica® Washroom Collection.

A comprehensive resource of materials and decors, the collection features a strong palette including 25 new decors, and introduces Younique® by Formica Group, a custom laminate service which allows architects, designers and fabricators to create a truly bespoke look.

Offering a combination of Formica® High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Formica® Compact, the Formica Washroom Collection offers a solution for all application areas and performance levels. The key benefit provided by these products, especially Compact grade, is that of resistance to humidity and high-wear, essential in the washroom environment. Laminates are also hygienic, durable, easy to clean and maintain.

For architects, designers, and specifiers who must balance cost, durability and flexibility with great design; the Formica Washroom Collection offers an extremely practical and versatile range of laminates, produced to conform to a variety of safety standards including resistance to surface water, and scratching. In addition to being functional; the collection comprises a wide range of patterns, textures, colours. Bespoke printing options allow washrooms to be customised to suit particular decorative or corporate colour schemes. Developed exclusively by Formica Group’s in-house design team, 25 brand new decors and 3 new textures have been introduced in response to the latest design trends.

Eva Hoernisch, Design Manager, Formica Group Europe, commented:

“Continuing our legacy as a design innovator, we have developed five brand new Plain Colours, introduced seven different shades of Paloma – a versatile ‘speckle’ pattern – and brought in Twill, a new pattern based on a multi-colour fabric with a subtle and random stripe effect.”

“An important aspect when putting the range together was to enable architects, designers and manufacturers to create harmonious ‘mix and match’ colour schemes. Patterns such as Paloma and Twill work brilliantly with Plain Colours and Woods, and can even function as a link between these two décor groups.”

Also introduced were Puregrain™, Linewood™ and Plex™ textures. The red dot design award-winning Plex has been used to accompany the Twill pattern – a truly perfect match to create a textile look, with the colour play and crisp detail providing an ideal base for Plex to unfold its beauty.

Washroom design, in terms of both colour scheme and pattern layout, plays an important part in creating facilities that are attractive and functional. The Formica Washroom Collection offers extensive design freedom for washrooms and changing rooms in a number of sectors; including hotels, schools, leisure centres or swimming pools, as well as airports, transport stations, retail outlets and places of entertainment. The in-house design team at Formica Group combined both well-established and brand new colours and decors that complement each other to provide architects and designers with everything they need to create an outstanding washroom area. Whether looking for bright and vibrant colours, or subtle and elegant woodgrain options, the Formica Washroom Collection meets the most demanding design requirements. Incorporating key design schemes and colours in washrooms allows for a continuous branding or corporate identity experience throughout a building. Included for the first time within the Formica Washroom Collection; Younique® by Formica Group is a custom laminate service which allows any individual design, images and logos to be replicated on a laminate sheet. This service is ideal for companies who wish to match a corporate colour or a brand logo; but can also be used to replicate any individual design.

Architects Pringle Richards Sharratt used Formica Group’s Younique® service for the redevelopment of the award-winning William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, London. Eight new washrooms feature individual Morris patterns in Formica® digital print laminate. The digital prints were created with scans of William Morris original fabric design.

At the London Transport Museum the Younique service was used to digitally replicate moquette fabric designs, used to cover seating on public transport, particularly in London Underground. The replicated digital prints were applied to the Integrated Panel Systems (IPS) and cubicle doors.

The Formica Washroom Collection provides architects, designers and specifiers with solutions to suit any number of different washroom designs and complement the style of the rest of the building, including corporate colours and branding within washroom areas. Combined with the hard wearing, impact resistant and easy to maintain qualities of Formica laminate; this portfolio provides a mix of essential materials, textures and decors ideal for any washroom environment.

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