Focus SB and Dimming

When customers choose Focus SB they frequently look for dimming solutions. Focus SB supply conventional rotary dimmers in single and multi-gang configurations.

Also available are our ‘Solo’ remote ‘in-line’ dimming modules that utilize push-button-dimmer switches, dolly switches and bell pushes. These again can be configured for multi-gang applications.

Currently there is not a universally accepted international standard for dimming lamps that global lighting manufacturers comply with. For the UK contractors this can sometimes present a problem if looking to control or ‘dim’ a new light source.

Focus SB supply dimmer modules from a number of different suppliers. These will generally be suitable for Leading Edge loads although other types of dimmers such as Trailing Edge and 1-10v are also available.

Diming manufacturers literature will usually state that the products are dimmable but not clearly indicate whether ‘leading’ or ‘trailing’ edge.

It is essential that any prospective purchaser of lighting and dimming products should source good quality products from a recognised and suitably experienced retailer or trade supplier.

For more information on Focus SB’s prices and services, please feel free to contact barryp(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) on: 07710 088912