Flotex offers Ashley Hicks design freedom

Globally-renowned interior designer, Ashley Hicks, has had his unique design ‘Specimen Marble’ digitally printed onto Forbo Flooring Systems’ Flotex flocked floor covering, for his new studio in Oxfordshire.

Ashley Hicks is a globally-renowned interior designer known for his intricate patterns and eclectic designs. He therefore required his studio to have a neutral aesthetic to act as a suitable background for his projects; and wanted a flooring that his own design could be printed on.

After contacting Forbo about its digital printing capabilities, Ashley was presented with a sample of Flotex and he knew it was the perfect solution from the moment he saw it:

“When I saw the Flotex sample, I knew the construction of the material would provide the ideal finish to my ‘Specimen Marble’ design, as well as being hardwearing and easy to clean – especially when some of my projects can get quite messy.”

Forbo’s Flotex is a completely unique product, which offers the hard-wearing durability of a resilient floor covering, while delivering the comfort of a textile finish – all the while boasting exceptional printing abilities.

What’s more, Forbo’s new digital printer combined with Flotex’s ultimate printing surface of over 70 million fibres per m² achieves vibrant, intricate designs. Specifiers have the option to choose from over 500 existing designs and colourways available or have their own bespoke designs printed on orders of 60m² or over.

Ashley continued:

“My ‘Specimen Marble’ design was inspired by old terrazzo floors in Venice, which have large pieces of stone within them, and table tops that consist of different shapes and sizes of marble. The artwork was created by using various pictures of real marble, which I have taken over the years in museums, and adding a shadow that was carefully angled to look like daylight from the windows. The result was a compendium of charming oval stepping stones, across a dark background.

“Forbo’s digital printing skills has really brought my design to life – it looks fantastic and certainly adds an intriguing aesthetic to my studio, while being comfortable for my baby son to crawl on!”

Holding the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of ApprovalTM, allergens are trapped within Flotex’s densely packed flocked pile, thereby reducing the number of allergens in the atmosphere. It is also phthalate free, contributing to a better indoor environment to live, work, learn and play in.

For more information on how Flotex flocked flooring can help you to create the ‘wow’ factor on your next project please visit www.forbo-flooring.co.uk/artofflocking – Thank Flock it’s Flotex!