Flexible solutions for SuDS available from JDP

JDP is consistently researching and developing its range of innovative products and solutions to offer designers and contractors the most effective ways of dealing with water in a controlled environment.

The latest extension to the portfolio, RAINBOX® Attenuation Solutions provides groundworkers with flexible solutions to minimise the risk to localised flooding and provide best practice Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

The requirements of each individual site and project are clearly unique and the extended RAINBOX® range provides options to match. The full flexibility of RAINBOX® provides attenuation products that offers Lite, Medium and Heavy load grades and bespoke and hybrid solutions to suit almost any application.

The crates are lightweight, and offer real benefits in terms of reduced time on site, speed of installation and in reducing transport costs, material costs and reduced maintenance costs when compared with traditional alternatives such as conventional drainage channels.

JDP’s experienced Technical Support department uses cutting edge technology, accurate rainfall data, topography reports and advice for projects involving surface water management to ensure operational efficiency, effectiveness, legislative compliance and manage increased volumes of surface water.