First class washrooms for the Transport Museum, Covent Garden, London

Located in the heart of Covent Garden under the glass roof and cast iron pillars of the Victorian Flower Market, the original features of this fabulous Grade II listed building create an ornate backdrop for the Transport Museum’s contemporary galleries.

The washrooms for such a unique building, with stunning galleries devoted to the story of London’s transport, needed to be as striking as they were functional. A strong, contemporary approach was taken toward the design of the main washroom – circular in shape it had a specially designed ‘wave-like’ sink around the perimeter giving easy access to hand washing facilities. To enhance the contemporary look and feel of the environment DB400 panel mounted electronic infrared taps were used alongside WP194 panel mounted soap dispensers. As well as looking good, this helped create a seamless, efficient experience for washroom users, which helped save its operator’s time, effort and money.

A perfect combination of style and function for such a unique location, the washroom delivered an enjoyable user experience that will stand up to the rigours of heavy commercial use and that will be cost effective and easy to run for its operators.

For more information on the products used at the Transport Museum talk to one of Dolphin’s advisers on 01424 20 22 24 and let them help you create a washroom worth experiencing.

Ref: 98457