Extra functionality with new Videx door entry/telephone interface

Videx Security’s new PABX 275 interface brings a new level of functionality to a Videx door entry intercom panel. It allows the intercom to be connected to an existing PABX analogue telephone switchboard. By integrating with the phone system, those using the intercom to request access can be answered on existing telephones throughout the building. This is a very useful and flexible feature for premises such as commercial offices, doctors surgeries, nurseries, small schools and libraries.

Most PABX telephone systems have the ability to transfer calls to another phone, to transfer calls to different departments or even to call groups of phones together. Calls from the Videx door entry intercom can be placed on hold and transferred to another extension to be dealt with – just like any normal incoming telephone call.

The PABX 275 interface allows more than one person to handle intercom calls and in a commercial property this could conveniently include a receptionist, caretaker and warehouse manager. In a school, the receptionist, caretaker or teaching staff could field the calls. A Videx door entry panel can be expanded to include up to 10 separate call buttons to connect with different telephone extensions within the building.

Another advantage of the system is that it can allow after hours visitors calls to be dealt with quickly by automatically transferring the call to another number or mobile. Requests for after hours emergency contact for access can also be dealt with effectively.

Setting up the PABX 275 interface is simply a case of connecting two wires to a free analogue extension port on the Videx intercom. This will allow it to call a telephone extension or hunt group. When an intercom button is pressed, the relevant extensions will ring and on answer will allow a two way conversation. The door can be opened by pressing a key on the user’s telephone keypad.

The PABX 275 interfaces are available for use with the popular Videx VX2200 and VX2300 door entry systems and include a two wire version that requires an additional BUS interface. A remote relay for the VX 2200 is available so that if the panel is vandalised, its electric lock remains operational and the door remains secure. An event log is also available to assist in providing evidence of anti-social behaviour in multi-dwelling properties by monitoring when visitors call and when exit buttons are pressed to leave a building.

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