Exploring the creativity of Illusion

Solus Ceramics introduce Illusion, a range of exciting diamond shaped tiles that are set to capture the attention of the design world.

This innovative series of tiles are a versatile instrument that designers can use to freely create innovative geometric patterns and funky three-dimensional cubic shapes.

By playing with shade and colour, walls can be transformed into visual spectacles and even works of art that will enchant the eye.

Inspired by blending futuristic graphic design and the structured patterns found in nature, Illusion is a bridge between the present and the future.

Tiles are available in one standard size and in a choice of 12 imaginative colours including vibrant blues, enchanting pinks and numerous shades of white and grey.

By mixing complimentary colours, designers can create uniform three-dimensional murals, but creativity can be further explored by combining numerous contrasting vibrant colours.

Solus Ceramics were inspired to provide a range like Illusion after seeing similar patterns repeatedly crop up on popular internet mood boards and pinning sites and were keen to demonstrate how quickly they can respond to the fast paced movement of the design industry.

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