ESG SwitchableTM offers privacy and style solution for bathrooms and wet rooms

In bathrooms and wet rooms where privacy and discretion is vital, ESG SwitchableTM gives instant control over privacy or public gaze.

ESG Switchable™ increases the levels of light and space, opening up small bathrooms and creating a much more pleasant ambience.

This makes our privacy glass the preferred choice for use in bathrooms as well as in larger wet rooms, pool areas and changing areas as a modern design feature. The system is safe and fully certified for use in wet areas, with a low working voltage from just 24v.

Offering a full system solution, ESG Switchable™ technology can be combined with coloured or decorative interlayers to complement interior design. It can be used on curved surfaces, cut into odd shapes or even hole punched, with bespoke hinges and fittings also available.

ESG SwitchableTM LCD Privacy Glass integrates with building management systems, and is available in sizing up to 1,800mm x 3,500mm, the largest on the market.

With a life expectancy of 25 years with due care, ESG SwitchableTM is manufactured in the UK with full technical support and installation service.

For more information visit or call 01376 520061.