Energy Saving Trust responds to zero carbon homes briefing ahead of Queen’s Speech

Philip Sellwood, chief executive at the Energy Saving Trust, says:

“It’s encouraging that the promise of Allowable Solutions for new-build homes is set to be announced in the Queen’s Speech on Wednesday which will help house builders achieve the zero carbon homes standard. We look forward to hearing more details about this on Wednesday.

“However, we are concerned about suggestions regarding changes to the zero carbon regulations. As we grapple with our existing ailing and inefficient housing, still amongst the leakiest in Europe, the last avoidable thing we need is to have to deal with yet more homes in future years that were not built to high standards of energy efficiency. Unfortunately these changes to the zero carbon home regulations will only serve to encourage the building of lower standard new-build homes and make it tougher for the UK to achieve the 80 per cent carbon reduction from buildings. This short-term vision will only serve to damage consumers in the long-term who are stuck with new homes that are not up to the highest standards of energy efficiency. This will ultimately cost the householder money because of escalating fuel bills and prevent them from living in the warmest and healthiest home possible.”