Eco-friendly solution for timber fire treatment launched in the UK

Timber treatment experts, WJ, have teamed-up with a leading Denmark-based business to bring a natural and non-toxic fire retardant product to the UK for the first time.

BURNBLOCK uses 100 per cent natural ingredients, all of which can be found either in the body or in in fruit and vegetables.

It was developed out of a desire to develop a sustainable, industrial solution for fire resistance.

WJ have entered into a partnership with BURNBLOCK and the UK plywood and panel experts, Specialised Panel Products Ltd to provide the treatment to a range of timber and plywood species.

It has also invested in a new high-pressure treatment facility and timber kiln drying capacity to ensure the process is controlled in a factory environment, using the latest high pressure auto-clave technology.

The kilns are used to return the timber to an appropriate or specified moisture content level and to ensure the quality of the finished product is of the highest standard.  This careful process also assists in binding the fire retardant agents in the wood and reduces the risk of mould developing.

Mark Eggleston, managing director at WJ Timber Treatments, said:

“We are looking forward to working with BURNBLOCK and Specialised Panel Products to provide our customers with one of the best and most environmentally friendly, fire retardant products in the market.

“From the first meeting it was clear that we share the same values and vision for the future of fire retardant timber materials, and we believe that our new partnerships will enable us to provide the sector with the best quality FR treated timber and plywood.”

How does BURNBLOCK work?

The BURNBLOCK formula effectively prevents oxygen from reaching the treated object – removing one of the three elements required for a fire to burn.

BURNBLOCK has been tested and certified to the highest European fire ratings by the most recognised institutes in Europe, including:

  • Danish Technological Institute – Denmark
  • RISE – Sweden
  • MPA – Germany
  • BRE – UK

Certification is verified by independent test institutes through the issue of a report, which defines the fire and smoke reactions against the European standard 13501-1. 

This is known as a classification report, which is issued with each fire impregnation treatment carried out by WJ Timber Treatments. 

Where can BURNBLOCK be used?

BURNBLOCK’s green credentials make it the ideal choice for projects with biophilic design elements.

It is suitable for a range of applications and species and there is no negative effect on the strength of treated timber after BURNBLOCK has been applied, nor does not induce corrosion to metal fixings or fastenings. 

Additionally, there is no requirement to use any special safety equipment or protection when handling BURNBLOCK or BURNBLOCK treated products, as it is harmless to the skin and safe for people to use.

Any waste containing the BURNBLOCK treatment can be considered non-hazardous and can be handled in the same way as non-treated timber.  For many customers, this results in considerable cost savings when compared to other fire retardant treated timber.

What about its environmental credentials?

BURNBLOCK is 100 per cent biodegradable and has been tested in order to prove its environmental credentials. 

The solution holds a neutral ph value of 7.2 and none of its elements contain toxic substances. 

As a result, nothing found in the BURNBLOCK solution is included on the list of Substances of Very High Concern. (SVHC)

Hroar Bay Smidt, CEO at BURNBLOCK, said:

“We have spent over a decade developing and improving our fire-retardant treatment and we currently hold a world patent for our solution.

“What we say is what we can document, that is our principle.

“We are continually investing with our customers in testing and certifying products based on individual requirements, and we provide accurate documentation from independent third-party test institutes to support and verify all of our statements. 

“Our UK partnership with Specialised Panel Products, on the supply of BURNBLOCK treated plywood, has proven to be hugely successful. 

“We view the partnership with WJ as the next progressive step towards supplying the UK market with further BURNBLOCK treated timber products.”