Eco-friendly grates transform existing fireplaces

A green fuel is giving designers and homeowners new options when it comes to creating a focal point in a room – and it isn’t costing the earth.

Bio-ethanol is a clean burning liquid sourced from agriculture and because it lets off no gases, doesn’t need a chimney or flue.

Now Smart Fire UK, the sole UK distributor of Eco-Smart, is giving homeowners the chance to create the perfect fireplace with its classic, yet cutting edge designs.

Its fireplaces already grace some of the best residential addresses in London and can be seen at prestigious hotels like The Savoy.

The EcoSmart fireplace grate collection comes in three different models; Scope 700, Scope 500 and Scope 340, working in an existing hearth or in renovated fireplaces.

Ideal for transforming an unused fireplace, Scope 700 is a real statement piece with a long elegant flame. This burner, with its cutting edge designs, is about creating the wow factor.

The Scope 500 and Scope 340 are functional, versatile and stylish fireplace grates which can easily be installed into any traditional wood burning fireplace. Both models have been designed to fit into existing fireplaces.

Paul Holt, from Smart Fire UK said:

“We come across a lot of homeowners who want the elegance of a real fire but without all the hassle of cleaning it out and maintaining it.”

“That’s where these designs work so well. Because they burn green, bio ethanol fuel there’s no need to clean the grate out, no need to sweep the chimney, in fact you simply need to have the fire installed.”

“The added bonus with this is that because they burn clean fuel, the fires do not need to have a chimney, flue or extraction system which means the design possibilities are endless.”

Paul continued:

“Green fuel is becoming increasingly popular and offers homeowners and designers incredible creative opportunities. They can literally be installed anywhere, and where ever they are installed, will give your room added appeal.”

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