Eclisse Pocket Doors

When developing properties, space, layout and light are vital components in creating a successful environment. Traditionally hinged doors have been used as a method to divide interior spaces but the space you lose due to the arc of the door is a disadvantage.

Installing pocket doors removes this problem, creating the opportunity to maximise usable space and improve room layouts. Install a frameless glass pocket door instead of a pocket door with a timber door panel and you create the additional benefit of increasing space and maximising natural light without the need to move walls or add a window or skylight. ECLISSE pocket door systems are made from high-quality materials, designed to be robust and are comprehensively tested to 25 years of average use. So not only are ECLISSE pocket door systems easy to install, the end-result is elegant and designed to last. ECLISSE offer a range of single and double pocket door systems for timber and frameless glass doors plus a variety of different configurations to provide solutions to all sorts of design problems. There are styles that require finishing with decorative architrave and also styles such as the Syntesis® Flush collection that are architrave free. FD30 options are also available.  Tel: 0333 5770828