Eclisse pocket doors for better bathrooms layouts

Pocket door systems are a perfect way of adding more usable space to a bathroom or en-suite layout with moving walls.

If you want to maximise the usable space in a property then don’t choose a traditional hinged door; choose a pocket door and save space. Eclisse pocket door systems are a perfect solution for making the most of usable space in your property. If space is at a premium then it is worth noting that with pocket doors you can gain up to eight square metres of more usable space in a 100 square metre layout.

Interior Designer Aurora Aleson says,

“Pocket sliding doors are the system of the future… I can recommend them to anyone interested in a better use of space.”

If you want to improve the layout and usable space for a bathroom, en-suite, toilet or utility you could move a wall to get the layout you want or add a skylight to make the room seem bigger and brighter and add some natural light. These are quite costly options. Alternatively, you could install a pocket door. Satin glass pocket doors in en-suites and utilities work a treat by increasing usable space and by making the most of natural light.

Satin glass allows light through but obscures what you can see. Satin glass is acid etched glass that is polished for an easy-clean finish. The further away objects are from the glass the more opaque it becomes.

By installing a glass pocket door in your en-suite or utility you can:

  • Make the space feel bigger without moving the walls
  • Make the space brighter without adding a sky-light
  • Add more sanitary ware in the space available
  • And you can also install a bathroom lock with your glass pocket door too
  • The glass pocket doors combine the Eclisse high quality pocket door system with stunningly elegant frameless glass doors from KARIS, a specialist glass door manufacturer from the Venice region of Italy.

Eclisse pocket door frames have corrosion resistant frames that have been tested to European standards and shown to have the best corrosion resistance possible.

Glass pocket doors are also an option for family bathrooms but we would recommend that the glass door that is sandblasted both sides or you opt for a solid coloured laminate glass door for complete privacy.

Of course, it is also possible to use a timber door with our systems and use this for your family bathroom or downstairs toilet. A range of Eclisse bathroom locks is also available for timber doors.

If there is not enough space for a standard size pocket we have an ingenious adaptation of the single pocket door system called the Novanta.

Half sliding and half hinged, the Novanta has a single door, part of which slides back into a pocket and part of which opens as a hinged door. The Novanta is ideal for en-suites, toilets as well as under stairs cupboards and small utilities; anywhere where there is not enough wall space for a standard sized pocket.

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