Don’t get caught in the web

Finding the right web site that you want when you want it can be difficult. At Grundfos, we have been developing our site to make it more user friendly and ensure that key information is readily accessible.

Visit and straightaway you will see a rolling bar, which offers a snapshot of the newest campaigns, products and innovations available.

If you are not sure, what the right pump choice is for your application? Select the Products section, which or look under the Find a Product or the A-Z listing sections. Yet another option is the Product Center that allows you to input pump parameters or the Product Selection Guide, which offers more basic product guidance.

But this is only the beginning, because with a range of additional information that includes replacement guides, answers to the more common FAQs, a wide range service and support data, access to the Ecademy training platform and an image gallery that gives access to a range of the more popular images the choices are vast.

All this and a lot more can be found at make it a favourite today and make sure you get caught up, not caught out.