Do-It-Yourself with P C Henderson’s handy video guides

An overwhelming 77 percent of homeowners want to adapt their houses to accommodate growing families and children living at home for longer.

A further 22 percent plan to add more space to their property in the next five years1. As more people seek to adapt their homes rather than move, P C Henderson has introduced a range of step-by-step video guides to help make home improvement projects easier.

The new video guides are available from the company’s website and YouTube page (YouTube Search: P C Henderson Ltd) and cover a range of products included in its residential brochure. Research has revealed that 70 percent of homeowners get involved in DIY projects, with 95 percent of those aged 18 to 24 preferring this route rather than hiring a professional2. There is also a growing demand for small enclosures and private spaces, partly due to the changes in the modern family, interests, lifestyle and technology. In fact, 47 percent of homeowners have or would like a home office and 27 percent a games room3.

Andrew Royle, UK Commercial Director, P C Henderson adds:

“We are pleased to add yet another tool to aid our customers and help people make the most of their properties. With more and more of us taking on DIY projects to improve our dwellings, these videos provide clear easy to follow installation guides and enable them to enhance the look and functionality of their homes. We have also added handy QR codes to the packaging and fitting instructions within the kits allowing users quick access the relevant video.”

The products highlighted are ideal for use as room dividers, wardrobe, cupboard and pocket doors. Customers can now create versatile layouts that are both practical and space saving with clear and simple directions. These solutions offer open plan living with closable areas for warmth and privacy, as well as discreet storage places to help de-clutter and streamline rooms.

These convenient videos from P C Henderson not only highlight the tools required for each product and project, they also show the correct installation technique, providing all the information required for those all-important improvements.

The videos are a free and simple resource that enables homeowners to save time and money while being productive. They are compatible with a range of devices such as tablets and smartphones, allowing for fast, portable and convenient access.

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